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A clean garden is a healthy garden

Here are a few tips to help keep your garden fresh looking.

Garden Tidiness:

Bulb flowering is done, nothing but ugliness left: Once the spring flowering bulbs have finished their magnificent flower display, the remaining foliage can be a bit ugly. You should not cut away the foliage, as it is a necessary supply of bulb food. Once the foliage turns yellow, you may remove it, but this may take several weeks. Until then, try planting ornamental grass among your bulbs. While the bulbs are blooming, the grass is barely noticeable. Once the bulb flowers are gone and the foliage remains, the ornamental grass is large enough to hide the "ugliness".

A cure for the flopping plants: Some plants tend to fall open as the season progresses. This can make for an untidy, as well as unattractive, garden. Bungee cords make a great support system for flopping plants. About halfway up the plant's stem, loosely wrap the cords and hook the ends together.