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Are garden plans and layouts necessary for a great garden design?

Many gardeners think yes. You can purchase pre-planned garden designs here. Each plan includes the plants and the layout.

More Places to Get Pre-Planned Gardens: offers one of the easiest ways to plan a garden. Simply select from one of the many Pre Planned Gardens .

Pre-planned garden designs and layouts:

A simplified way to enjoy a complete garden and easy landscape design without the necessary planning. Kit includes the layout and all the plants. Ideal for the new or busy gardener.

All Purpose Gardens  (sun/shade...)
Garden Plans for Sunny Locations
Garden Plans for Shady Locations
Garden Plans for Butterfly and Hummingbird Gardens
Garden Plans for Three Seasons of Beauty

GARDEN PLANS FOR Three Seasons of Beauty

Place Your Order Soon! They sell out fast!

Three Seasons of Beauty
Three Seasons of Beauty Garden


We asked our garden experts at Spring Hill to take a 6' x 12' bed and show how it could be planted with perennials and shrubs to provide a continuous display of floral and foliage color from spring, all through the summer... Read More...
Complete Foundation Garden
Complete Foundation Garden


With the proper selection of shade-loving shrubs and perennials, you can give your shady foundations just as much elegance and beauty as those which are exposed to the sun. Read More...
Three Season Garden
Three Season Garden


Hereís a chance to plant a spectacular garden that will brighten your landscape with constant color from spring to fall. Spring Hillís professionals have selected a total of eight easy-to-grow perennials ideal for any garden. Read More...
Everblooming Perennial Garden
Everblooming Perennial Garden


Nonstop color! The perfect collection for new home sites as well as for established landscapes that need a lift. Once it begins blooming in early summer, it doesnít quit until frost! Read MOre...
All Aummer Blooming Bulb Garden
All Summer Blooming Bulb Garden


Give your yard spectacular summer flower power! Buy our money-saving All-Summer Blooming Bulb Collection designed to fit a space 8' wide by 5' deep and save over $6.00 from our regular price. Read More...
Fragarant Garden
Fragrant Garden


Fill your garden with the fresh scents of some of our most fragrant flowers. Buy our money-saving Fragrant Garden Collection designed to fit a space 12' wide x 8' deep and save over $5.00 from our regular price. Read More...
Mailbox Garden
Mailbox Garden


Not only are the plants in this garden beautiful, but they are all extra-tough to handle roadside conditions. Buy our money-saving Mailbox Garden Collection designed to fit a space 8' wide by 6' deep and save over $8.00 from our regular price. Read More
Native Prairie Garden
Native Prairie Garden


Designed with the beginning gardener in mind, the Native Prairie Garden contains some of the easiest perennials to grow. Read More
Three Seasons Garden
Three Seasons Garden


We are pleased to bring you this fabulous three season garden which begins blooming in the spring, continues throughout the summer and into the fall. It features ten old-fashioned favorites to add beauty to your landscape for many years. Read More...