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General gardening tips

A few general tips to help you with your gardening chores.

Pre-planned garden designs and layouts:

A simplified way to enjoy a complete garden without the necessary planning. Kit includes the garden layout and all the plants. Ideal for the new or busy gardener.
Peruse our pre-planned garden layouts

Garden Collections

The next best thing to a pre-planned garden. Offered by Wayside Gardens, a provider of top quality perennial plants. Plants are grouped by color and planting preferences. The hard work has been done for you! View the many Collections

Miscellaneous Garden Tips

Is it OK to use shredded newspaper in my garden, either as a weed deterrent or tilled into the soil? Yes, as long as you are sure there are no toxins in the newspaper. Stay away from the colored pieces as they contain metals that are toxic to your vegetables and plants.

Washing-up has never been easier: I don't know about you, but I would much rather be working in the garden bare handed - no gloves for me! The only problem, though, is trying not to get the dirt from my hands all over everything. To remedy this, put a bar of soap into the foot of an old stocking, nylon, or thin sock and hang this by the outside waterspout. The stocking will act as a scrubber and the soap will still lather.