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Plant Library

Our library of plants was designed so the beginner gardener can obtain information on some of the 'popular' plants in the everyday garden.

Pre-planned garden designs and layouts:

A simplified way to enjoy a complete garden without the necessary planning. Kit includes the garden layout and all the plants. Ideal for the new or busy gardener.
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Garden Collections

The next best thing to a pre-planned garden. Offered by Wayside Gardens, a provider of top quality perennial plants. Plants are grouped by color and planting preferences. The hard work has been done for you! View the many Collections

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Flower Color: B=Blue, L=Lavender, O=Orange, P=Pink, PU=Purple, R=Red, W=White, Y=Yellow

Light Requirements: F=Full Sun, PS=Part Shade, S=Shade

Type: A=Annual, BI=Biennial, BU=Bulb, P=Perennial

Achillea sp. Yarrow June-July R, W, Y 42 F 3-9 / P
Ageratum houstonianum Ageratum, Flossflower July-October B 6-8 F, PS Not Hardy / A
Alcea Hollyhock June-September P, R, W, Y 72 F 3-7 / B
Alchemilla mollis Lady's Mantle June-August Y 18 PS 3-7 P
Allium aflatunense Ornamental Onion June-July PU 24-60 F 4-10 / BU
Amsonia tabernaemontana Blue Star Flower May-June B 16-18 F, PS 3-9 / P
Anemone blanda Anemone April-May B, P, W 3-6 F, PS Not Hardy /BU
Aquilegia sp. Columbine May-June B, P, W, Y 24-36 F, PS 3-9 /P
Artemisia schmidtiana Silver Mound Foliage Silver Foliage 12 F 3-9 / P
Asclepias tuberosa Butterfly Plant June-July O, R, W, Y 24-36 F 3-9 / P
Aster sp. Aster July-Frost B, P, PU 36 F 3-8 / P
Astilbe x arendsi Astilbe May-July P, PU, R, W 18-30 PS 4-8 / P
Aurinia saxatilis Alyssum June-Frost Y 9-12 F 3-8 / P
Baptisia australis False Indigo June-September B, W, Y 36-48 F, PS 3-9 / P
Begonia x tuberhybrida Begonia June-September P, O, Y, W 12-18 PS, S Not Hardy / BU
Begonis semperflorens Wax Begonia May-October O, P, R 6-12 F, PS Not Hardy / A
Brassica oleracea Ornamental Cabbage August-March R, W 8-12 F, PS Not Hardy / A
Caladium x hortulanum Caladium Foliage Foliage 12-36 PS, S Not Hardy / BU
Calendula officinalis Pot Marigold April-June O, Y 12-18 F, PS Not Hardy / A
Campanula carpatica Carpathian Bellflower May-November B, PU, W 6-9 F, PS 3-7 / P
Canna x generalis Canna June-September O, R, Y, W, mixed 18-40 F Not Hardy / BU
Catananche caerulea Cupid's Dart June-September B, PU, W 18-24 F 3-7 / P
Ceratostigma plumbaginoides Plumbago July-Frost B 6-12 F, PS 5-9 / P
Chrysanthemum sp. Mum August-Frost P, R, W 24-36 F 5-9 / P
Chrysanthemum cocceneum Painted Daisy June-July P, R, W 24-36 F 5-9 / P
Cliva miniata Kaffir Lily March-May O 18-24 PS, S Not Hardy / BU
Coleus x hybridus Coleus Foliage Foliage 8-10 PS, S Not Hardy / A
Convallaria majalis Lily of the Valley April-May W 6-12 PS 3-8 / P
Coreopsis sp. Coreopsis, Tickseed July-September P, Y 18-24 F 3-9 / P
Corydalis lutea Corydalis May-September B, P, PU, W, Y 8-16 PS, S 5-10 / P
Cosmos bipinnatus Cosmos May-October L, P, R, W 36-48 F, PS Not Hardy / A
Crocosmia Montbretia June-July O, R, Y 24-36 F 5-8 / BU
Crocus chrysanthus Crocus March-May Y 6-8 F, PS 3-10 / BU
Dahlia Dahlia June-October P, R, Y 16-36 F, PS Not Hardy / BU
Delphinium sp. Delphinium May B, L, P, PU, W 30 F 4-7 / P
Dianthus caryophyllus Carnation May-June P, PU, R, W 12-18 F 3-8 / P
Dicentra spectabilis Bleeding Heart May-September P, W 12-15 PS 3-8 / P
Digitalis purpurea Foxglove June-July P, PU, W, Y 24-48 PS 4-10 / P
Echinacea sp Coneflower July-September P, PU, R, W 24-36 F 3-9 / P
Echinops ritro Globe Thistle July-August B 36-48 F 3-8 / P
Eupatorium coelestinum Hardy Ageratum July-Frost B 24 F 5-9 / P
Fritillaria imperialis Fritillary April-May O, R, Y 36-42 F, PS 5-9 / BU
Gaillardia grandiflora Blanket Flower June-August R, Y 12-15 S 3-10 / P
Gladiolus x hortulans Gladiolus June-August Wide Range of Colors 24-36 F, PS Not Hardy / BU
Gomphrena, globosa Globe Amaranth July-September L, P, PU, R, W 12-24 F, PS Not Hardy / A
Gypsophila paniculata Baby's Breath June-July W 36 F 3-7 / P
Heuchera sanguinea Coral Bells May-June coral, P, R, W 12-24 F, PS 4-9 / P
Hibiscus Hibiscus July-Frost B, P, PU, R, W, Y 36-60 F, PS 5-9 / P
Hyacinthus orientalis Hyacinth April-May B, P, R, W 6-12 F, PS 4-11 / BU
Iberis sempervirens Candytuft April-May W 6-12 F 5-9 / P
Impatiens balsamina Impatiens, Balsam July-September O, P, PU, R, W, Y 12-30 F, PS, S Not Hardy / A
Iris x germanica (Bearded)Iris May-June Wide Range of Colors 12-30 F 3-10 / BU
Lavandula angustifolia Lavender June-September B, L, P, W 15-20 F 5-7 / P
Liatris sp Liatris, Gay Feather July-September P, PU, W 18-48 F, PS 3-8 / P
Lilium sp. Lily June-September L, P, R, W 14-100 F, PS 5-8 / BU
Limonium latifolium Statice June-August B, L, W 18-24 F 3-9 / P
Linum perenne Flax May-June B 18-24 F 5-10 / P
Lobelia erinus Lobelia July-September B 36-40 F, PS Not Hardy / A
Lychnis campion Maltese Cross June-July O, R 24-36 F 3-10 / P
Monarda didyma Bee Balm June-July P, PU, R, W 24-30 F 3-8 / P
Muscari armeniacum Grape Hyacinth April-May B 4-8 F, PS 2-11 / BU
Narcissus sp. Daffodil April-May Y, W 18-20 F, PS 4-11 / BU
Nicotiana alata Flowering Tobacco July-October P, PU, R, W 12-24 F, PS Not Hardy / A
Paeonia lactiflora Peony May-June P, R, W 24-36 F 2-9 / P
Papaver nudicaule Iceland Poppy July O, R, W, Y 10-12 F, PS Not Hardy / A
Papaver orientale Oriental Poppy May-July R 18-30 F, PS 2-7 / P
Perovskia sp. Russian Sage July-September B 36-48 F 4-9 / P
Petunia x hybrida Petunia May-October Wide Range of Colors 6-12 F, PS Not Hardy / A
Phlox paniculata Garden phlox July-September B, P, PU, W 18-36 F, PS 3-9 / P
Phlox subulata Creeping Phlox March-May B, R, P 3-6 F 3-9 /P
Physalis alkekengi Chinese Lantern August W 18-24 F, PS 5-11 / P
Platycodon grandiflorus Baloon Flower July-September B, W 24-36 F, PS 3-8 / P
Portulaca grandiflora Moss Rose June-October O, P, R, W, Y 4-6 F Not Hardy / A
Primula sp. Hardy Primrose June-August L, P, R, Y 9-12 PS 3-7 / P
Rudbeckia fulgida Black-Eyed Susan July-Frost Y 18-30 F 3-10 / P
Salvia sp. Salvia or Sage June-Frost B, P, PU 24 F 4-8 / P
Salvia splendens Annual Sage June-September PU, R, W 8-12 F, PS Not Hardy / A
Scabiosa caucasica Pincushion Flower May-November B, P, W 16-24 F 3-9 / P
Sedum sp. Stonecrop May-September O, P, R, W, Y 4-24 F 3-9 / P
Sempervivum soboliferum Hens & Chicks No Flowers Foliage 3-6 F 5-10 / P
Stachys byzantina Lambs Ear June P 6-10 F, PS 4-9 / P
Stokesia laevis Stokes Aster June-September B, PU 12-24 F 5-9 / P
Tagetes erecta Marigold May-September O, R, Y, Mixed 12-18 F Not Hardy / A
Tulipa sp. Tulip April-May Wide Range of Colors 8-24 F, PS 3-10 / BU
Verbena x hybrida Annual Verbena June-October PU, R, W 6 F Not Hardy / A
Veronica sp. Speedwell June-September B, P 6-36 F 3-8 / P
Vinca major/minor Vinca, Myrtle May B, L 6-8 PS, S 5-10 / P
Viola sp. Pansy May-November B, O, PU, R, W 4-8 PS 4-9 / P
Yucca sp. Yucca June-August W 24-36 F 4-9 / P
Zantedeschia aethiopica Calla Lily May-August W 24-48 F, PS Not Hardy / BU
Zinnia elegans Zinnia June-September O, P, R, W, Y 12-18 F Not Hardy / A