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Insects bugging you?

Get rid of mosquitoes and flies for good! Read our tips on controlling common garden pests.

Get rid of Mosquitoes

An all-natural, DEET free insect repellant, Sting Free TM Insect Bite Protector is gentle enough to use every day while being strong enough to repel mosquitoes, flies, and ticks. Get rid of those pesky mosquitoes, flies and ticks for up to 3 hours. This product is derived from plant oils - the very plants mosquitoes, flies, and ticks avoid in nature.

Get rid of Flies

These Deer Fly Defense Patch is a convenient way to control the deer flies. Have you noticed that deer flies always surround your head? These patches do not loose their effectiveness - unlike repellants.

Get rid of Ants

Get rid of ants with little to no mess. We know this stuff really works. Liquid Ant Killer & Bait Holders All sugar loving ants love this stuff. Simple put a few drops in cracks or crevaces where yu see ants - or place some in the bait holder - and watch the ants gobble it up. This bait kills the entire colony within 7 days.

Insect Tips:

I have a ton of earthworms in my garden, is this good or bad? Earthworms are very beneficial to the garden. They aerate the soil as well as feed on decaying matter in the soil. Keep in mind that chemicals are toxic to earthworms, so use them sparingly.

Protect your tender young plants from cutworms with a collar: Cutworms look like hairless caterpillars that take a bite or two from the stem of young plants - usually right near ground level. The damage will look like the stem was actually bitten. The plant may be fortunate enough to survive the attack if it is able to develop new growth from the root, however, many plants may die due to the cutworm nibbles. To make a collar, try using a washed-out yogurt container with the bottom cut off. Place the container over your young plant and press into the soil about one inch. There should be two inches of the container above the soil. Doing this will prevent cutworms from climbing over or sneaking under the collar to bite the plant's stem.

Mosquito plant vs. those pesky mosquitoes: The mosquito plant, also known as the citronella plant, is not all it's cracked-up to be. Simply having one will not repel mosquitoes. The mosquito plant is a scented geranium and is a relative of the common garden geranium. This plant contains citronella oil, which is only released when the leaves are crushed. The oil is the ingredient necessary for repelling mosquitoes. I like to break a few leaves off the plant and rub them onto my skin. Beats using those nasty chemical sprays!

Mothballs to the Rescue! To ward off rabbits and rodents, try using mothballs. Place them around the plants that they like to nibble on - you will soon notice less nibbling.

Coffee Grounds to repel some insects: Some people like to use used coffee grounds to deter insects and some animals. Sprinkled around plants, the insects and animals do not like the smell.

Got Cabbage Worms? Put a few handfulls of plain white flour in a paper sack, prick several small holes in the bottom of the sack, and sprinkle the flour over your cabbage plants. The worms ingest the flour and nothing else.