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Tips for your flower gardens

There are many tips and secrets to maintaining a garden. Here are a few of our personal favorites.

Flower Tips

Those darn rose thorns: Sometimes gloves don't do the trick when trying to prevent being poked by rose thorns. Try using a spring-action clothespin to hold the rose stem. Simply grasp the rose stem with the clothespin and make the cut at the desired length.

Bananas in the Garden? Yes! Banana peels around roses add potassium to the soil, and roses love potassium! Place a few peels just under the soil around your roses; they will eventually break-down.

When should my bulbs be planted? As a general rule, spring flowering bulbs (daffodils and tulips) should be planted in fall and late Summer / Fall flowering bulbs (Liatris) should be planted in the Spring. Planting times will vary, depending on your climate zone, but remember that the earlier bulbs are planted in their required time frame, the better off they will be.

Does a bigger bulb mean a better flower? While a bigger bulb will most likely produce a bigger flower, it does not necessarily mean a better flower. The bulb of a smaller species will produce a smaller plant, but the quality may be equal, if not better than a bulb of a larger species.

Should I pant tulips in sun or shade? Tulips will do well in either sun or shade.

What does deadheading mean? Deadheading is the act of removing spent and fading flowers. Removing the spent flower encourages new flower buds and prevents the plant from spending energy on developing seeds.

What is the best time of day to cut flowers? For indoor arrangements, flowers should be cut during the morning or evening. The heat of the mid-day may prove to be exhausting for the flowers and they will fade sooner.