Organic Weed Control: Plant care and gardening for beginners
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Natural and organic weed control

No longer do you have to use chemicals to control weeds in your lawn and garden.

Organic Weed Prevention and Control

A weed is just a plat out of place, right? Well, unless it is a plant that is interfering with the beauty of your garden. You want to remove it, don't you? But how? And without using chemical sprays? How about these:

Granulated WOW!r Pre-Emergence Weed Control Corn Gluten Meal, a by-product of milled corn, was recently found to be an excellent all natural and organic weed and feed product for lawns and gardens. A pre-emergent weed preventer (prevents weed seeds from germinating), corn gluten meal is sold as marketable products under different names, and we have found that WOW! works great! Simply broadcast it in your lawn or sprinkle it within your vegetables and flowers. THIS IS OUR TOP PICK FOR THE YEAR

Horticulture Vinegar Vinegar is a great, inexpensive weed killer. However, normal household vinegar only contains about 5% of the "killing" agent acetic acid - not strong enough to kill weeds that are beyond an inch tall. Natural Horticulture Vinegar is a non-toxic herbicide with 20% acetic acid. Uses Yucca extract as a natural surfactant (sticking agent). Non-selective vegetation killer acts as a dehydrator by stripping the protective coating off the plantís surface.