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Natural and Organic

methods to get fid of harmful garden bugs. Fight bad bugs with good bugs...naturally.

Organic Garden Insect Control

A vegetable garden is often plagued with a multitude of insects. For the organic, aka "green", gardener sprays and poisons are not an option. There are two organic option for controlling harmful garden insects: crop rotation and beneficial insects.

Rotating your crops is the process of not growing the same item in the same spot season after season. Pests and diseases that affect a particular plant can become established in the soil over time. By regularly changing the planting location, the pest cycles can be broken or limited.

Beneficial insects are typically predator in nature. They may already be hunting through your plants for an easy meal or a host for their egg-laying. In order to retain beneficial insects, there must be a supply of detrimental insects. Although you may have to put up with the damage caused by the harmful bugs for a while, it is important to understand that the beneficial bugs will do their job.

Lady beetles (aka lady bugs) and their larvae eat aphids, scale insects, spider mites and mealy bugs.
Sta-HomeT Lady Beetles

Green Lacewings and their larvae prey on scale insects, leafhoppers, whiteflies, mealy bugs, caterpillars, and thrips.
Green Lacewings Chrysoperla rufilabris

Several types of ground beetles, such as soldier, and tiger beetles, inhabit plants or the ground hunting for cutworms, colorado potato beetles, slugs, snails, and root maggots.