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Green and Organic Rabbit and Deet repellants.

Use organic and natural products to deter deer and rabbits from eating your garden flowers.

Organic Animal Control

A gardener's nightmare is the sight of having many of your plants nibbled upon by rabbits or deer. But how do you deter these cute, but annoying, animals from feasting on your garden - while still being organic? Not to mention the fact that children and household pets may wander into the garden; you must keep them safe from non-organic products. Here are a few items we have tested:

Deer Off Repellent This special mixture of hot peppers, garlic, and eggs repels deer and rabbits - naturally - for up to 3 months. Simply spray leaves of susceptible flowers, shrubs, trees and vegetables with Deer Off at the start of the season as new growth appears.
Deer Off<SUP></SUP> Repellent

Deer Away
8 ounce Deer Away is non-offensive to humans and uses oil of mustard, extracts of chili, and inedible egg solids. The latex polymer provides lasting protection. This popular deer deterant is available in 8 oz, 16 oz, and 1 gallon containers. ALSO REPELS RABBITS